“The key to immortality is first
living a life worth remembering.”
- Bruce Lee


Unauthorized Biography of MALALA YOUSAFZAI by Shaun Boothe.


Unauthorized Biography of BRUCE LEE by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of TUPAC SHAKUR by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of OPRAH WINFREY by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of SEAN COMBS by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of JIMI HENDRIX by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of MLK & BARACK OBAMA by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of MUHAMMAD ALI by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of BOB MARLEY by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of JAMES BROWN by Shaun Boothe


Unauthorized Biography of TERRY FOX by Shaun Boothe

“The biggest adventure
you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
- Oprah Winfrey


The power of hip hop is in the stories we
choose to tell. Our stories
can either build us
up or break us down.
- Shaun Boothe

"Don't forget your
history , nor
your destiny."
- Bob Marley


The power of hip hop is in the stories we
choose to tell. Our stories
can either build us
up or break us down.
- Shaun Boothe

Live Your Legacy School Assemblies:

“His performance was very informative and refreshing. Shaun made sure to have everyone’s attention and hold it throughout the entire performance.”

Carrigan Desjardins (Vice President Student Life Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association)

“I would highly recommend Shaun as a guest speaker to challenge and empower our youth to be responsible and caring individuals”

Joan Tschernow (Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, Principal)

“Shaun brings a refreshing new light to older topics that the students really appreciate and more importantly can relate to. I personally recommend the Biography Series as it is a unique, refreshing and important approach to teaching students about influential and historically significant figures in our modern day lives.”

Eric Johnson (Peel Alternative School South, Teacher)

“The imagery and descriptions illustrated by Mr. Boothe’s lyrical ability not only captures the attention of the audience, but it stirs the creativity in the minds of young children.”

Sultan Rana (Donald Cousens Public School, teacher)

“Shaun’s ideas about identity and multiculturalism certainly made impressions on my students, and many actually went as far as to cite him in their final exam essays. I have tried time and again to get my students to consider the value of historical knowledge and interest beyond simply writing historical essays. Shaun’s videos presented this idea better than I ever could have.”

Jason Hawkins (Crestwood Preparatory College, History Teacher)

"Upper Canada College welcomed, for the first time in its 184 year history, a rapper onto its school grounds. Shaun Boothe was one of the [World Affairs] Conferene highlights, and because of the success of his performance the Executive Committee plans on bringing in a musical act to close next year as well.

Eric Tweel (UCC's online Arts Publication, 2013)

“To me, this seems to follow in Shaun’s messages of empowerment and also arming our vulnerable young communities with the knowledge of the great leaders who have come before them and the struggles they have gone through which of course is necessary in order to have a clear understanding of where you are headed. What is so critical about the work that Shaun is doing is that the information he is sharing is couched in a relevant form of media that young people are not only open to, but searching for.”

Gavin Sheppard (The Remix Project, Executive Director)

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world,
but I guarantee that I will spark the brain
that will change the world."
– Tupac Shakur

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I hated every minute
of training, but I said,
“Don’t quit. Suffer now
and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
- Muhammad Ali


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